"Novels are a beautiful mix of fact, fiction and fantasy."

A conversation with Benyamin

I am a latecomer to literature, even to reading. When I started reading it triggered my own words which were sleeping deep inside me. I began with letters to friends. I tried to put my own thoughts, ideas and dreams in it. They accepted my words. There I learned the power of language.

At the early stage I did try to imitate many great writers. But fortunately, all such works are rejected by good editors. Only later I found my own way of style and language in storytelling. When I found my way, readers accepted my writings. It was a long process.

Now you are focusing on love stories. But you have to see other people, their pain, their agony, their alienation, their desperation, you may have better stories to tell.

My leisure time and other ‘companies.’ I sit and work six to eight hours for literature. That’s why I have twenty-four books in twenty years.

I never obligated and many of my subjects are from outside. And also I realise readers enjoyed the subjects from unknown lands. As I am writing a ‘novel’ I don’t want to bother about lines between fact and fiction. Novels are a beautiful mix of fact, fiction and fantasy.

In the first draft the book had more discussions and discourse on Shia and Sunni conflict, even from early Islamic period. Then I felt it is something boring for a fiction reader. So, I removed most of it and kept only some things. If the reader is interested, go for other books for detailed history.

The scene described in the chapter named CCTV, page number 247 onwards.

Actually I don’t know. I wish every reader must understand what I mean in a novel.